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Why choose Taekwondo as a family activity? 

When children are younger, their parents tend to be the center of their universe. Their parents' approval and attention are vitally important in their daily lives. As kids get older parents are still important; however, "family time" often consists of pick ups and drop offs at scheduled activities. 


Bill Cho's United Taekwondo Center understands the importance of a strong family connection. Working toward a common goal and motivating each other creates this bond. We pride ourselves on creating an environment "Where Families Grow Strong Together". 



Families support and encourage one another. Class time becomes bonding time, and when you face challenges or celebrate small victories through testing and competitions; you do it together.  


Your family will be right alongside each other, cheering each other on and growing stronger together (and not just physically). Watching each other as you strive to accomplish each new goal forms a deeper connection and understanding for each other that will last a lifetime.


Our "Cho Family"

Encouragement and support fosters a strong family bond amongst our students and our Masters as well.


At Bill Cho's United Taekwondo Center, our students are very much like family. We care about each of them, and want to help them grow and succeed in all areas of their life. We recognize, honor and celebrate our students' achievements; knowing success at home, work and school are foundational to succeed in life.


Grand Master Cho & Master Yoo have been part of my families for 10 years. I have learned far more than I imagined; yes, I've learned skills that I didn't have before. The magical moments for me, were the moments that I realized that I could accomplish far more than I gave myself credit for. Being a part of Grand Master Cho's taekwondo family has been a beautiful (and sometimes challenging) journey for myself and my children. However, I can confidently say that it IS a place where families grow strong together. That has been my greatest joy.

Koni Psyhos

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