Does your child need a structured, engaging, fun and supportive activity?

With the sheer number of activities available for young children, it can be difficult to choose one that not only keeps them active and engaged, but also fosters learning. Bill Cho's United Taekwondo Center has created an environment where there is a healthy outlet for their seemingly boundless energy, while building a foundation of learning that combines creativity, fun and encouragement to help nurture their young hearts and minds.



Children naturally learn better when they are having fun. As your child participates in our specially designed classes you will see a change in their physical skills and abilities. But more importantly, their smiles and laughter will grow, and along with this; their self-confidence and focus will greatly improve. Many parents see a change after just one class, and this change keeps their children coming back!


In Taekwondo, "Do" means "Way of Life".

The skills and values that we teach in class can be seen not only in the dojang, but at home, school and play. 

  • Respect for Parents, Self and Others

  • Develop Sharing and Social Skills

  • Positive Attitude

  • Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Improved Focus & Listening Skills

  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination & Motor Skills

The staff is amazing! Such a great family environment! My daughter loves her Little Tigers class!

Jennifer Walker