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Our Masters have devoted their life to following their passion of training in the art of Taekwondo. They have achieved a mastery of this martial art, and pass their extensive training on to our students.

However, their level of expertise goes far beyond skill and technique.


Grand Master Bill Cho seeks out Masters like himself, whose passion for people is equal to or greater than their desire to simply teach. He has built a team of Masters who not only want to train the body on technique, but desire to train the hearts and minds of his students; to help them achieve their best selves both on and off the mats. Grand Master Cho is highly recognized for his achievements, and he shares his experience, skill and expertise with all his students.

  • 2001 - 02 Head Coach at the World Cup Games in Vietnam & Tokyo under the United States Olympic Committee

  • Illinois State Taekwondo Association President under USA Taekwondo (formerly United States TaeKwonDo Union)

  • Founder & President of the United States Martial Arts Taekwondo Federation

  • Korean American Championships multiple Tournament Champion & MVP

  • Cover story for the Taekwondo Times (2 separate publications)

  • Illinois President of the United States Taekwondo Leadership Union

  • Host of the Chicago Open & United States Martial Arts Taekwondo Federation's annual tournaments

  • 2007 Head of Team for all Korean-American Olympic Athletes

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