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How do we help our children to succeed in life? How do we encourage and challenge them to be the best they can be?

It is no secret that every parent wants to see their child succeed. Bill Cho's United Taekwondo Center partners with families to help make success a reality. Success is different for every one of our students. Maybe success is a physical accomplishment, such as breaking a board. Maybe success is an psychological accomplishment, such as testing in front of a crowd.


Whatever success looks like; our Masters are specially trained to identify the needs of our students, and to help them learn and grow.


Life can be difficult. In order to succeed in life one needs discipline and persistence, and to recognize the accomplishments along the way. Teaching perseverance and indomitable spirit helps students attain their goals. Whether the goal is motor skills, social interaction or positive self-image; we help your child to reach their goals and to set new ones, allowing them to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others.



Accomplishing short term goals leads to feelings of success. 


Our Masters are trained to recognize your child's strengths and to build upon those. We help them attain their short term goals, the bigger goal of Black Belt and more importantly "Black Belt Attitude".





  • Try Your Best

  • Never Give Up

  • Life Skills- Respect, Focus, Self- Control, Determination, Perserverance

  • Social Skills- Positive Attitude, Encouragement, Good Sportsmanship, Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Skills (yes, even at a young age)- Committment, Follow Through, Confidence


"Black Belt Attitude"

The Path to Black Belt


Love Bill Cho's! The life lessons and confidence that Grand Master Bill Cho and the other Masters instill in the children outweigh any other martial arts center. My children love going. They have developed a relationship with the staff that can't be beat! 

I recommend them to all!

Nita Evans Holms

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