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Poomsae- Finding Our Inner Artist

The artistry in "Martial Arts" allows us to see the world from another perspective. We are able to display this beauty in the physical mastery of our poomsae, as well as to internalize it and let it flow into our daily lives.

Each form or poomsae has a name. And this name gives meaning and symbolism to each form. Today, Grand Master Cho focused on envisioning this symbolism in order to give a deeper meaning and feeling to our movements.

We learn Taebaek as a 3rd Dan Black Belt. This poomsae is representative of the Taebaek Mountains; a mountain range stretching across Southern and Northern Korea. These mountains are powerful and majestic, they fall steeply into the Sea, but on the other side there are more gentle slopes, and these sharp mountains give way to flowing rivers.

Tigers were said to guard and protect these mountains, and so this form begins sharply with "Tiger Stance"; fighting in either direction. Then leading into the rivers, flowing and cutting through the mountains.

Opening our minds to this imagery allows us to look at our forms as more than just a series of memorized movements. It allows us to feel the creativity and the artistry in this martial art. It allows us to see the bigger picture.

Life is very much the same. There is so much that makes up our journey, and shapes us, both on and off the mats. Just like the Taebaek Mountains and the rivers, we are all very different; different skills, strengths, weaknesses, and lifestyles; having been shaped into who we are.

And just like the mountains and the rivers, we exist together; one not more powerful or valuable than the other. Opening our minds to this imagery allows us to see the bigger picture, and can allow us to truly "see" those around us.

Today's challenge is to look at that person who may be "the river to your mountain"...or vice versa depending on how you want to look at it. What may have shaped them? What can you learn from them?

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